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An Attraction You Can Only Find at This Road Station

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An Attraction You Can Only Find at This Road Station

An Attraction You Can Only Find at This Road Station



Roadside Station “Yume Land Funo”

Address: 661-1 Funocho Shimofuno, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0202
Call: 0824-54-2929


Founded 23 years ago, roadside station Yume Land Funo has become known as a pioneer in buffet-style lunch using highland-grown vegetables. Their unique ideas such as holding disco parties led them to become a place where people around Miyoshi, and outside, can communicate. They also devote a lot of effort to protecting the environment and developing original goods. They want to move into a wider world beyond just a roadside station.

”You can’t eat this many vegetables at a buffet anywhere except here!” Roadside station Yume Land Funo has this sort of good reputation. They started with a buffet-style lunch from the very beginning, using local vegetables as a feature, they show off lots of local crops from in and around town. They are using “good old home cooking” as their selling point. Born and raised in Funocho, the chief, Kawauchi Tatsuki, is familiar with local specialties his mother and grandmother have made since he was a child. Boiled meat and potatoes, boiled hijiki seaweed, stir-fried okara… Homemade side dishes that fill up big bowls, feel warm, and whet the appetite. They use various local ingredients for their menu such as thick shiitake mushroom tempura that is cultivated naturally, boiled tofu from an old local shop “Nakamura Tofu Shop”, as well as pickles and marinade made at the processing area attached to the building. There is also a live kitchen, cooks cooking on an teppan grill in front of customers and serving them while it’s hot is one of the highlights of Yume Land Funo. “What makes me happy most is that customers enjoy our dishes. Based on what I have had at home, I create meals using local foods. We own a rice field too, so we raise rice using ‘aigamo’ agricultural method, a method of organic farming which combines the rearing of ducks for slaughter alongside the crops as a means of pest and weed control.

“We also make miso from the rice that is used for the buffet, too.” In addition, they agree to a “Low Salt Policy” and show how much salt you should take in and how much salt they use for each dish. “’Safe, reliable and healthy’ is our motto. Fresh vegetables are one of our best attractions. Eating vegetables first is recommended because it’s good for your health.” The buffet is popular with everyone from children to the elderly regardless of day. Not just dine-in either, but we also offer a popular special box which you can place your food in for takeout (called “Omiyage Buffet Box, 972 yen).

In the daytime tourists and people from outside the city visit the restaurant, and at night local residents use it as a gathering spot. “We decide what to serve depending on the purpose of the gathering, but we always want to do something new. That’s why we started ‘The Shouwa-Period-Style Izakaya’. The teppanyaki became especially popular because customers could eat freshly grilled food so we started serving it in the daytime, too.” Nostalgic pop songs in the background, grilled chicken, oden (a Japanese dish containing many different ingredients cooked in a special broth of soy sauce, sugar, sake, etc) which reminds customers of a cheap drinking place. Lively and spirited conversation is another part of entertainment, Kawauchi says. “The Shouwa-Period-Style Izakaya” was the manager’s idea, Masui. “Road station is a place where people communicate with each other. We want to facilitate that function as much as possible.”

Masui started living in Funocho in Miyoshi over 10 years ago. He was originally doing a different job in Hiroshima city but then got a job in Funocho which is his father’s hometown. “When I came here for the first time I felt like there was no place to gather at night. Its grand, beautiful outdoors and nature are a really good attraction but at night it’s just quiet. I wanted to make a place where people can gather and have fun.” That’s how he came up with “The Shouwa-Period-Style Izakaya”. Since pizza delivery is not available in Miyoshi, he also started the “Miyoshi Vegetable Pizza Buffet”. “Disco Party” was his idea, too, he invited his DJ friend and held it. “We have held a disco party 38 times so far. Local mothers come to enjoy music and dance. There is even a couple who met at the event, started dating and got married this spring. We held their wedding ceremony and reception here! People were saying that there were no places to gather, but because this is a road station it’s easy to visit even with family.”

Masui told us about their future, eyes sparkling with joy. “Some of the most important functions of a road station are free bathrooms, a lounge and sharing information. These things will be the backbone of revitalizing the region. Since Onomichi-Matsue expressway was opened it became easier to visit northern Hiroshima. But if you want to enjoy a relaxing drive with the scenery of highlands, National Route 54 is the recommendation. We are happy if we could help everyone relax and create memories.” To make sightseeing more enjoyable, they are planting peony flowers along the roadside. “We planted them this November, so hopefully in next June they will bloom. Around Akana Pass is a place famous for another kind of peony, we’d like to collaborate and make it a flower road.” In addition to taking care of the environment around the facility, they put a lot of effort into developing new products.

“We grow rice and make miso, but we also make sake, too. I designed the label myself, putting the poet from Funocho, Nakamura Kenkichi, on the bottle.” Like the sake, they produce and sell their various original goods such as fragrant yuzu miso and black garlic that let garlic mature and make it taste like dried fruits. In the facility there is also a market that sells fresh vegetables and fruits as well as an ice cream shop that produces gelato using local ingredients and produces smooth texture. Visiting the road station is perfect if you’re looking for delicious food in Funocho. The gelato is especially popular for its various flavors Including the staples; matcha, sesame, sakura and strawberry in spring, watermelon, pear, tomato and myoga(japanese ginger) in summer. “People who are riding around on their motorcycle visit a lot. On the way out they enjoy a buffet and on the way back they stop by to have ice cream. With humanity and delicacies, Yume Land Funo is loved by a lot of people as a place with original menus and goods.


店舗名 Roadside Station "Yume Land Funo"
所在地 661-1 Funocho Shimofuno, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0202
営業時間 9 am - 4:30 pm (depending on the each building)
お休み Tuesdays
電話番号 0824-54-2929