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The Interesting Working Generation of the Silver Human Resource Center! A Restaurant Filled with Local Vegetables, Handmade Goods and Sincerity.

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The Interesting Working Generation of the Silver Human Resource Center! A Restaurant Filled with Local Vegetables, Handmade Goods and Sincerity.



Address: 1550-2 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 0824-63-8500 Business Hours: 10 am - 4 pm (Lunch: 11 am - 2 pm) Closed: Wednesday

Yorinsai is a warm restaurant run by Miyoshi public service group "Silver Human Resource Center" which has over 400 members.

Originally opened on Miyoshi street in 2006 that sold homegrown vegetables and trinkets. They began serving food and drink after moving to their current location in 2013.

Certified as a “Miyoshi City Locally Sourced Shop” they’re popular for their set meals that feature seasonal vegetables. The cooking, sales and customer service is split among a small 11 member staff that works on a 3 person rotation. There are no set cooking recipes so it’s possible to enjoy a different “Mother’s Homemade” taste seeping into the dishes depending on who is working that day.

Most of the set meals that are available each day are chosen by whichever chef is in charge that day. They look at the ingredients available each morning and use their creativity to make a menu. There are no recipes and all of the dishes feature a nice homemade feel. While the taste of each “homemade” meal can vary from cook to cook they all share one thing in common: Sincerity.

Formed by the coming together of women who have been home cooking for decades. Fried foods, seasonings, salads and more all with beautiful colors and delicious smells.

With the opening of Miyoshi Mononoke Museum Yonsai also introduced a new menu item, “Shin UDON.” This item was produced in a collaboration with Egusa Shoten, another shop located in Miyoshi. It’s a spicy dish that is likely to become a habit and the only place in the whole country it can be enjoyed is at Yorinsai. It is a gem that produces photos that would make even the red Oni (Japanese Ogre Demon) blush.

HOT Coffee: 100 yen
ICED Coffee: 150 yen
Shin UDON: 600 yen
Zaru Soba Set: 700 yen

  Inside: 25 seats
  Outside Garden: 12 seats
The garden is a place you can enjoy a pleasant meal or a relaxing cup of tea

Being able to cook different things is really fun!
Thankful for having the opportunity and place to work!

There are people with many different skills in the Silver Resource Center, in the restaurant there is a gift corner where you can find fresh vegetables, aprons, rice, tea and even bags that are made by the members. Many of the staff members work at Yorinsai in the day time and sew goods in the night time.

Fresh vegetables and other products generally arrive in Thursdays, so please take a look!
Even more, grapes are grown in the garden with great care. From August to September you can enjoy fresh picked grapes.

Yorinsai is a place where you can really appreciate the quality of the craft in the handmade goods crafted with warmth and kindness. A shop that really communicates the values of the working generation.
“Yorinsai” means “Please come in!”


店舗名 Yorinsai
所在地 1550-2 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
営業時間 10 am - 4 pm (Lunch: 11 am - 2 pm)
お休み Wednesdays
電話番号 0824-63-8500