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Lots of Fun and Delicious Things: A Community Place With Many Smiles

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Lots of Fun and Delicious Things: A Community Place With Many Smiles

Lots of Fun and Delicious Things: A Community Place With Many Smiles



Toretta Miyoshi

Address: 438 Higashisakeyamachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0023


Farm-fresh vegetable and local specialties shop with a buffet that uses local ingredients, a bread shop and more…Gathering the attraction of Miyoshi, Toretta Miyoshi is always crowded with customers from inside and outside of the city. The secret of the popularity is the original project to entertain customers.

Using thinned wood for the interior, Toretta Miyoshi has a warm atmosphere of wood. In 2015, the facility opened as a place where people can learn about agriculture and food, and communicate with each other. Since the opening, Yamato Natsuo has been managing sales and fields as a member of the facility section. Yamato loves eating. When she was a student she was working as a part-timer for a restaurant while learning about cultivation of vegetables at Agricultural Technology University in Shobara. At the university students can pick one crop as their major, and Yamato chose melons. Her senior told her that melons are very delicate to cultivate and difficult to moderate the amount of watering, so she vouched that “If you could grow melons, you can grow any crop.” Dealing with the effect of weather was pretty hard, but when they bore fruits she felt really satisfied. Based on the skills she learned, now Yamato manages the fields of crops near the entrance of the facility. Thanks to her care, vegetables grow with rich green leaves. “The vegetables that are harvested are cooked and served at the buffet, we also enjoy the harvesting experience with customers. We would be happy if we could help customers grow to like vegetables.”

Yamato manages the field and displays vegetables at the shop. A lot of customers ask her, “How do you use this vegetable?” or “What’s the taste like?” so she sometimes has to research for the next time. “I have knowledge about vegetables but often find new ways of cooking them. When I find a delicious recipe I make a cute sign for the vegetable.” As she said, at the shop there are a lot of cute signs showing each vegetable’s nutrition and a recommended recipe.
Getting vegetables at Toretta and cooking them at home is certainly one thing customers enjoy, but visiting the buffet is also recommended. The chef, Oishi Saburou uses a lot of local ingredients, such as seasonal vegetables for tempura, karaage (Japanese deep-fried chicken) made with local rice flour, and konnyaku (a gelatinous food made from devil’s-tongue starch) made by a processing company “Fujinohana” in Funocho. These dishes are all healthy and filling. Especially “okara & yogurt salad” made with Sasaki Tofu Shop’s okara and Asehira dairy industry’s yogurt is popular with customers who say, “We had never thought about mixing them!” Chef Oishi smiles and says, “We’d like to keep on creating new dishes so that customers can always have a surprise.”

For the buffet, over junior high school students: 1100 yen
Elementary school students: 770 yen
4 or 5 years old: 330 yen. (Up to 2 children under 3 years old eat free per adult.) On Monday – Friday it’s for 60 minutes, on Saturday, Sunday and a holiday it’s for 45 minutes.

Making the facility a kind and fun place for everyone

“Vegetable shop” and “buffet” sounds like a place homemakers like, but Toretta makes it easier to visit for all three generations. One thing they’ve done to improve efficiency is hold big events in the facility; Summer festivals where they have a lot of plans for children such as having a large pool with floating vegetables and let children fish them, or giving children beetles that the staff caught. “It’s like giving children the exact same experience we enjoyed in our childhood. Seeing grandfathers and grandmothers having fun with their grandchildren, and their parents watching over them makes us happy.” The owner, Yokoyama Akinori said. He also told us that he is planning a potato digging experience and a workshop that uses vegetables that are not good enough to be sold, which are both Yamato’s ideas. “This facility is for people to communicate, so we’ll keep putting a heavy focus on it. Basically we are selling specialties of Miyoshi but little by little we started getting specialties of neighboring areas, too, developing a good relationship with those cities and focusing on entertaining customers. We’d like to make this facility a place that makes everybody happy.”


店舗名 Toretta Miyoshi
所在地 438 Higashisakeyamachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0023
ホームページ http://www.torettamiyoshi.jp
営業時間 9 am - 5 pm (Buffet will be accepted from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm)
お休み The 2nd Wednesdays and New Year holidays
電話番号 0824-65-6311