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A Green Curtain, an Old-fashioned Boss, a Nostalgic Feeling, an Easy Place To Go

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A Green Curtain, an Old-fashioned Boss, a Nostalgic Feeling, an Easy Place To Go


Restaurant Tatsuzen

Address: 1573 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 0824-62-5517 Business Hours: 11 am - 2 pm, 5 pm - 10 pm Closed: Tuesdays

On Miyoshi St., with a green curtain gently fluttering in the wind, it’s the restaurant Tastuzen. It’s a popular shop with an old-fashioned atmosphere that’s also been running for generations with a “settle down” attitude.
The thickly coated chicken tempura is a popular item as is a menu item which is simply titled, “That”. It’s the kind of place you can go and enjoy a meal as if you eat there everyday even if you aren’t actually a regular.
Another point is the boss is also a Carp-loving boss. He loves the Hiroshima Carps baseball team and has a collection of Carp hand towels that grows year-by-year.

Originally from Oita Prefecture, the boss also lived in Miyoshicho starting in elementary school all the way up to high school. After learning to cook by making western-style food in a hotel he returned to Miyoshi in 2012 which is where and when he opened his store. The restaurant name, Tatsuzen, originates from part of his name (Tatsu) and part of the name of the store that was there before he opened (Zen).

“I’m glad I can do this job well.” the boss told us with a gentle smile, a smile that belongs to the kind of person who treasures the thoughts and story of others. A warm personality that is reflected in his dishes.

The boss being a Carp fan, every year he adds a new Carp towel to the wall of his shop, in this way the history and age of the shop is also directly tied to the Carps. A little old-fashioned and relaxed it would be a good place to enjoy yourself if you are looking to eat somewhere in Miyoshicho.

The chicken tempura is especially popular, an item that was included in the menu because the boss is from Oita Prefecture, a local speciality. The delicious crunchy coating is made with a special recipe which produces a truly satisfying taste!

The seafood dishes and katsudon (Fried pork cutlets on top of a rice bowl) are also popular, though the focus isn’t on the dishes themselves. Instead, the focus is on the vegetable toppings and garnishes that can be added to the dish. Most of the dishes use locally grown vegetables, so not only can you experience the cooking of a talented chef who learned from cooking at a hotel, but you can also experience the taste of local seasonal ingredients. The dishes are also wonderfully presented with colorful vegetables and arranged in a stylish way, the dishes shine as if they were part of a full-course traditional Japanese meal.

Other popular items are the yakitori (Chicken kebabs) and nabeyaki udon (Thick noodle cooked in a pot with broth). Grilled Fish, Ramen, Champon (A noodle soup with vegetables, seafood, and pork) and other items are also on the menu depending on what ingredients are available that day.

The most interesting menu item is “That,” a special dish of the day that is neatly arranged on a single plate! Order it by saying “Are, kudasai”(That, please) and enjoy the shochu with Tasuzen’s original label, enjoy Tastuzen just like a regular customer would.

Menu Preview
Chicken Tempura Set: 800 Yen
Sashimi Set: 1000 yen
“That”: 900 yen*
Tempura Set: 1000 yen
Nabeyaki Udon: 700 yen
And more...
* “That” changes everyday, it’s a special menu item that is an assortment of 7 different foods.

Counter: 6 seats
Table: 12 seats


店舗名 Restaurant Tatsuzen
所在地 1573 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
営業時間 11 am - 2 pm, 5 pm - 10 pm
お休み Tuesdays
電話番号 0824-62-5517