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Senpou Temple, the Temple Where Everyone Can Go to Play

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Senpou Temple, the Temple Where Everyone Can Go to Play


Senpou Temple (Pure Land Buddhism, Honganji-branch)

Address: 1191 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 0824-62-3596 Homepage:

It's been 500 years since Senpou Temple was founded. The temple is Pure Land Buddhism, Honganji-branch which is now succeeded by the 17th chief priest, Soyogi Shoei and the vice-priest, Soyogi Daiei. They are very friendly, they talk with everyone regardless of their religion or job, have been holding events at the temple and even opened a kindergarten, they do their best to spread joy in daily life.

The temple is always open to everyone.

Soyogi Daiei, the vice priest, also used to write a column serially in Hiroshima Athlete Magazine and his younger brother, Soyogi Eishin, is even a former baseball player who played for the Hiroshima Carps. About a thousand Carp fans visit the temple each year. Friendly, they talk with everyone regardless of religion or job. It may feel like a temple is hard to visit, but a temple is always in daily life, open for everyone. As he says "Talk to me casually.", he is always looking to tell you the history and other good things about Miyoshi.

Breathtaking presence of the 350 year old higan sakura

At the back of the main grounds, a higan sakura tree stands gallantly. Every year it announces the arrival of spring. Despite being an old tree, it still blooms gloriously and even in other seasons it projects a great presence.

People of Miyoshi treasure its history

Asano Nagaharu once ruled over the Miyoshi domain whose graveyard is at the foot of Mt. Higuma in Miyoshicho. Soyogi says he likes the view from the graveyard. "People built the graveyard in such a nice place where you can look down upon the whole town. You can tell how much people liked the lord. As a person of Miyoshi, I'd like to treasure that feeling of our predecessors."

Miyoshi has two weapons, "connection" and “contact”, Senpou temple wants to harness the power of those weapons, so they are always looking for ways to establish rapport with the city.

Since the vice-priest, Soyogi Daiei, has a background in planning and conducting events in Kanto, after he came back to Miyoshi he put his experience to use. Joining the Chamber of Commerce of Miyoshi where he helped develop "Miyoshi Karamen Ramen", with cooperation from the Carps and its players he produced the "Carp 344 T-shirt" to cheer for the players who are from Miyoshi, and to promote the opening and use of Yamanami Highway he organized a basketball showmatch between Simane Susanoo Magic vs Hiroshima Dragon Flys in Miyoshi. He also participated in the planning of the local festival, "Miyoshi Sakura Festival" and "Miyoshi Gishi Festival" sharing a lot of joy with people.

Supporting the treasure of Miyoshi with the 344 Project

Daiei is also the representative of the 344 Project which produces "Carp 344” T-shirts to cheer for his younger brother, Soyogi Eishin, who is a former baseball player for the Carps, and pitcher, Nagakawa Katsuhiro, who is also from Miyoshi. “Carp 344” is a sort of play on words in Japanese, as the Japanese word for 3 can be read as “Mi”, and 4 can be read as both “Yon” and “Shi” so 344 becomes “Mi-Yo-Shi”. Through Carp fans the "Miyoshi" name spreads throughout the whole nation.

It's always for the children's future

Daiei holds "Miyoshicho Tanabata Night Market" on the temple grounds so that children can enjoy local events. He also opened a kindergarten right next to the temple so that parents can leave their children safely and go to work and the local children can also grow up in their hometown rather than in a commuter’s kindergarten. The children’s sakes is what gives him power. When the children leave the hometown and see a big world for the first time, he wants them to be able to look back and feel like "My hometown was nice." Daiei wants them to have a memory of their parents working hard on something and that's where he draws his motivation.


スポット名 Senpou temple (Pure Land Buddhism, Honganji-branch)
所在地 1191 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
電話番号 0824-62-3596