Retro, yet new, guest house whose history is preserved by two married women.|Walk @round Miyoshi | Miyoshi Association of Tourism and Town Development(Miyoshi, Hiroshima)

Retro, yet new, guest house whose history is preserved by two married women.

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Retro, yet new, guest house whose history is preserved by two married women.


Miyoshi No Sankaku

Adress: 632 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 090-7997-0998 *Reservation only, days off are not fixed.

Over the Saijo River flowing across Miyoshi, there is a triangle roof at the foot of a mountain. It's the guesthouse, "Miyoshi No Sankaku" (Translates to Miyoshi’s Triangle).
Until 2009 it was "Miyoshi Youth Hostel" that was loved by local residents. About 10 years later it was renovated as a guest house where you can appreciate the affection of a mother and her daughter-in-law.

Their hotel has healthy dishes with a good ol’ home-cooking taste and features a view of Miyoshi that is only possible from their hotel. From there you can really sense and feel the season.

Built in 1980, the building retains its retro atmosphere with its elegant shiny floor and glass windows crafted in Japan. When they renovated they also kept nice old things like the Moroccan tiles and brass faucets. They have an antique yet pretty and clean atmosphere.

The high ceiling and the window let in a lot of sunlight which makes the house feel very comfortable. Here you can take time to refresh looking at the view of Saijo River, Tomoebashi bridge and Miyoshi city.

You can also rent space for studying or meetings without staying overnight.

Room Type
Room 1: Western-style room for 2 people
Room 2: Western-style room for 3 people
Room 3: Japanese-style room, about 20 ㎡

Hotel Bill (per person)
3,000 yen
Breakfast: 400 yen
Dinner: 600 yen

Check In & Out: Anytime
Equipment: Shared toilet and bath

Rental Room: 500 yen

Another thing they kept and preserved was the gentle taste of the miso-soup their grandma made when she was running the guest house.
Homemade pickles and tartar sauce. Vegetables given by neighbors. They serve healthy, seasonal dishes. Free refill on heritage and wheat rice.
It is the kind of hotel where you can say "Morning." or "I’m back." and be met by the two married women who greet you with a smile and a meal. You can relax because the atmosphere is almost family like.

While walking to the Miyoshi Mononoke Museum from the guest house, you can enjoy the seasonal view of a bank. During fireworks festivals you can see fireworks from the room. Here you can sense the season of Miyoshi with your eyes, ears and skin. It’s not just a place to stay but also to enjoy the view, taste and atmosphere.


店舗名 Miyoshi No Sankaku
所在地 632 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
営業時間 Anytime (*Reservation necessary)
お休み Not fixed
電話番号 090-7997-0998