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Local Wheat, Local Vegetables, a Bakery in Northern Hiroshima Where You Can Taste the Season

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Local Wheat, Local Vegetables, a Bakery in Northern Hiroshima Where You Can Taste the Season


mugimugi cafe

Address: 1545 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 0824-63-5528 Business Hours: 11 am - 6:30 pm Closed: Wednesday

Built out of an old traditional Japanese-style home on the Miyoshi street with a red curtain signaling its location resides a very stylish bakery. With old beams and pillars befitting an old traditional Japanese home and glass windows offering a view of main street, you can take your time relaxing and taking in the view in comfort.

Starting at opening time at 11 am is when bread starts to be set out for purchase so if you are looking to buy bread it might be better to arrive around 11:30 am. You can buy all kinds of breads such as regular baked bread, rolls, sandwiches, sweets, and more. All told there are about 50 kinds of products lined up in the morning. At the center of it all are the special goods related to Mononoke including a special tart exclusive to this store, please have a look!

Mugimugi Cafe is a business recruited by the town of Miyoshi, the owner moved from Kobe to open the cafe and begin using wheat from a local town in Miyoshi. Started as a slightly uncertain venture, mugimugi cafe on Miyosh street became the owner’s second shop.

It was initially only a bakery but after it started to become popular the owner thought, “I’d like people to be able to stop and spend their time here in Miyoshicho,” and so dining space was added so that people of all ages could relax. Now it’s a place where there is often a wait at the door for space.

Starting at 5 am is when they start making the bread to lay it out for sale. Using local wheat from Mirasaka produces a satisfying taste and smell.
The curry bread and other prepared breads also use local Miyoshi-grown vegetables and ingredients, the flavor changing according to the seasonal ingredients is another highlight of the shop.

There are 7-8 lunch items available at the restaurant, the curry and croque monsieur are both popular items. Of course, they also include seasonal locally sourced vegetables.
There are also more than 30 kinds of drinks, actively using local ingredients for what they can. Yuzu Squash that uses both local yuzu from Tono in Miyoshi and local honey from Masuda in Kisacho is an example of a drink that can only be tried at mugimugi Cafe.
Take out is possible too, order drink and baked goods to go while on a walk around Miyoshicho.

Miscellaneous goods and clothes are available for purchase too. The manager told us, “There are lots of different presents available at mugimugi Cafe.” they make sure to offer things that can be offered as gifts to friends and family. There is a lot of variety with things from children’s picture books to silverware to mini-plants. Many people stop just to use the miscellaneous goods corner, feel free to stop by and pick out some things you can use at home!

The owner personally selected a lot of things such as goods from Kurashiki Ishou General Goods and the Mariage Freres brand gourmet tea that the owner came to like while in France, they wanted to pass on their feelings to everyone! You can feel a sense of commitment.

Mugimugi Cafe is a good place to find great food and miscellaneous goods while in Miyoshi, go if you get a chance!


店舗名 mugimugi cafe
所在地 1545 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
営業時間 11:00 am - 6:30 pm
電話番号 0824-63-5528