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A Place That Loves VAN Clothes and Music! Clothes Shop That Depends on the People and Town

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A Place That Loves VAN Clothes and Music! Clothes Shop That Depends on the People and Town


Miyoshi Street MORITOU

Address: 1219 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 0824-62-2249 Business Hours: 10:00 am - 6:50 pm Closed: First, second and third Wednesdays

A shop that focuses on selling VAN products, a Japanese clothes brand at the forefront of Japanese fashion.
MORITOU has a selection of clothes including Traditional, Ivy, American Casual and more. Beyond pre-made clothes they have also fulfilled custom suits and made-from-pattern custom orders. The shop owner's favorite hobby is also music, he often handles acoustics and sound design for local events. It’s a reliable and open shop that can provide a lot of info about Miyoshi Main Street shopping as well as information about local events, a place that takes good care of visitors.

VAN is a casual fashion brand that makes you feel like, "These are the types of clothes my cooler older brother would wear!”
The reason the shop owner adores the brand is for their commitment to quality and durability, even when the egyptian cotton T-shirt starts to fade after being worn for so long instead of falling apart it will simply develop a more vintage look.

He has been acting as the guardian of the brand out in the countryside because he feels it’s a basic design that can be appreciated by everyone regardless of lifestyle.

Another interesting point about the VAN Brand are the novelty items they produce. They have a history of collaborating with many other brands to create those items which in turn eventually earn a collectible status.

The shop’s walls and shelves are lined with fashionable goods and retro decorations like old and unusual sign boards. It’s decorated in such a way that the atmosphere produces a similar feeling to the brand’s identity.

MORITOU on Miyoshi Main Street is a place where you can also custom order patterned clothes.

While at the shop if you happen across a design you like you can notify the staff about your request, they’ll then select the design and pattern requested and measure you for the custom order.

The shop handles plenty of different fabrics like tweed fabrics imported from England, Scandinavia as well as other makers like Harris, Donegal, Italian Zegna and Japanese makers. Moritou told us, “It’s a lot of fun to make clothes from what I think are good fabrics.”
Moritou’s experience and sense in apparel work is one of the strongest attractions about this store. Because of that sense and experience he even has regulars who seek him for frequent consultations.

In England it is common to pass down clothes for three generations, surely if you order from Moritou it will last a lifetime. One of Moritou’s biggest focuses is to make clothing that lasts a long-time, something you can’t find in today’s fast-fashion brands.


店舗名 Miyoshi Street MORITOU
所在地 1219 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
営業時間 10:00 am - 6:50 pm
電話番号 0824-62-2249