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A ningyou studio that carries on Tsujimura Jusaburou’s essence

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A ningyou studio that carries on Tsujimura Jusaburou’s essence


Miyoshi Momento

Adress: 1584-1 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 090-4121-7599 Business Hours: 10 am - 4:30 pm Closed: Wednesdays

Momento is located near Seian alley which connects directly to Miyoshi Mononoke Museum. Memento is a Ningyou (japanese doll craft) studio and gift shop which carries on Tsujimura Jusaburou's skills and thoughts. Kawasaki Kazuo is a Ningyou artist and a flower arrangement expert. He holds a Tsujimura Jusaburou Ningyou class as well as a talk at Tsujimura Jusaburou Ningyou Museum where he shares the skills, thoughts and history of Tsujimura Jusaburou with people.

When you enter the shop you’re immediately greeted by the many lifelike ningyou housed in glass cases, it almost feels like crossing into a different world.

It is here, surrounded by these ningyou, ningyou classes are held and new ningyou are born.
Ningyou lessons are held with one student at a time, with each lesson taking a full day, each student attends one lesson a month.

One peculiarity of Tsujimura Jusaburou's ningyou is the use of crepe cloth for skin. When crafting ningyou there are many things to be cautious of, such as the direction the cloth stretches, the order of pasting clothes and setting the hair up in Japanese style. One of the most difficult processes is crafting a face which has a solid nose and lips, which is accomplished by a technique in which you stretch a single thread.

One thing that is said of Tsujimura's Ningyou is, “They contain strong character.” as if they all have spirits of their own. Not only are the dolls pretty and beautiful but also express their lives. This is because when he makes ningyou, he imagines what sort of life the ningyou has lived. He expresses their sorrow, expression and gestures thoroughly. "Just as an actor needs to express things on a stage. It's important that each ningyou expresses their own life and drama." At the ningyou class he teaches the detailed process of making ningyou which is only possible because it exists as a private lesson.

Tsujimura Jusaburou is a rabbit.

In Japan, there are the 12 animal signs of the Chinese and Japanese zodiac, according to the zodiac, those born under the opposite sign also have opposite personalities, too. Tsujimura was born in the year of the Rooster, and on the opposite side of the zodiac from that is the Rabbit. It's said that the opposite sign can provide you something you don't have which means, "You should learn and listen to other people." People tend not to listen to people or opinions they dislike, but listening to those opinions is one way to easily broaden an outlook. When Tsujimura announced his works featuring a rabbit-motif at a famous department store, they quickly sold out and even now still provide him a good reputation.

Kawasaki Kazuo holds a talk at Tsujimura Jusaburou Ningyou Museum on the third Sunday of every month from 11 am to 2 pm, sharing the stories and creation process of exhibited ningyou made by Tsujimura Jusaburou.


店舗名 Miyoshi Momento
所在地 1584-1 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
営業時間 10:00~16:30
電話番号 090-4121-7599