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Support the Evolution of Miyoshi Wine: Authentic Winemaking with Award-winning Experience

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Support the Evolution of Miyoshi Wine: Authentic Winemaking with Award-winning Experience

Support the Evolution of Miyoshi Wine: Authentic Winemaking with Award-winning Experience



Hiroshima Miyoshi winery

Address: 10445-3 Higashisakeyamachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0023

Call: 0824-64-0200 Cafe Vine: 0824-64-7727, Barbecue Garden: 0824-64-0202)


Miyoshi winery is a common tourist destination in Miyoshi. The wine made there already had an excellent reputation as a souvenir, but after Ota learned winemaking in New Zealand and took charge of the brewing, they won many awards and it grew into a genuine winery. Visited by tourists and professional winemakers, Miyoshi winery is a prosperous one.

Ota took charge of the brewing of Miyoshi winery in 2013. Interested in food and agriculture, starting in 1997 he worked at a winery in New Zealand for 15 years, which has one of the most successful winemaking districts in the world. He learned the basis of winemaking including fertilizing and grape cultivation. When he came back to Japan he applied to a few wineries to put his learning to practical use. Among the wineries he applied to Miyoshi winery alone insisted on entrusting the entire job to him. At that time Miyoshi winery didn’t have a brewmaster so they were using a consultant from another company for the winemaking. “Being able to make wine the way I want was very attractive.” When he started working there the first thing he did was inspect the equipment such as the tanks and barrels, and how they cultivate grapes. “Good wine is made from good grapes. That was the first thing I wanted to tell the farmers.” He asked them to purchase new barrels and he visited the grape field almost everyday. “The method of raising grapes for food is different from the ones raised for wine brewing. Grapes that are grown for eating, the most important thing is the freshness so spraying the field once in a while is the proper protocol. However grapes used for brewing ripeness is most important, so letting them die a little is ideal to create a rich flavor.” When he briefed the farmers he made a lot of requests like limiting the number of fruits that grew from each branch and delaying the time of harvesting. “We sometimes argued because no one had ever instructed them about those small details. I assume it was because the consultant used to change periodically so it was difficult to maintain one method. I just explained the best I could and asked them to help.” Like that, the first and second year passed really quickly for him. “However, farmers are both professionals and craftsmen, too. Once they understood why those things were needed, they started producing grapes with unwavering quality.”

In 2015, the year Ota officially became the head of brewing, the wine he and the farmers made together, “TOMOE Muscat Bailey A Kitsuda Vineyard,” won first place in one of the biggest competitions in Japan called “Japan Wine Competition.” By trial, error and plenty of arguing, they had managed to prepare the wine in a tub in 2013. “I was really happy that our effort led to a good result. We couldn’t win the prize without cooperation, which is why I named the wine after the farmer to show him respect. The farmer seemed surprised at first, but really happy, too.” He was also thinking that they put a lot of effort into making the wine so of course it should have won a prize. As he thought, his wine including “TOMOE Chardonnay Shingetsu” has continued to claim prizes every year at many famous competitions inside and outside of Japan. “We have used the status of “prize-winning” as a selling point, but maybe we don’t need to do that anymore.” he said, smiling.

Since Miyoshi has a reputation for its excellent grapes, buying wine as a souvenir was already popular, but now Miyoshi wine has become one of the most famous brands. Well-known breweries visit Miyoshi brewery to inspect, and many famed restaurants have begun selecting Miyoshi wine as a recommendation. “Originally I’m from Osaka, so I had no relation to Miyoshi. But this city offered me such a worthwhile job and gave me the opportunity to meet my comrades. I’d like to continue winemaking with the people who accepted me.” He told us in the future he wanted to cooperate with other wineries in western Japan to raise the standard of Japanese wine. Another dream of his is to make a Miyoshi wine using an original kind of grape that he crossbred himself. “Good grapes are necessary for good wine, more than that, love is also important to make a good wine. Always thinking about wine and being able to tell the condition of wine produces good wine.”

The wine carefully made by Ota and the grape farmers can be enjoyed at wine-tastings and the restaurant called “Barbecue Garden” that is located in the winery. At the wine store and tasting corner, “Cave A Vins,” that opened in March 2019, customers can try all of the wine Miyoshi winery makes including their representative brand “TOMOE” and the “VILLAQUA” sparkling wine series. “Tastings are 200 yen a glass which is pretty reasonable. We even have noble rot wine made from the grape called ‘the miracle grape’ that has maximum sugar content, so please try it.” says Nagata who is in the public relations section. They also sell local specialities and original food products. “The chocolate and sponge cake made using wine are also popular souvenirs. We have smoked game meat made in Miyoshi and cheese made by Mirasaka Fromage which all go well with wine, so please enjoy them at home, too.” If you can’t wait to enjoy them until you get home, a restaurant that has Hiroshima beef and wine poured directly from a server, called “Barbecue Garden” is recommended. The building has a high ceiling and windows which allow you to look out at the rich nature around the building which feels very spacious. From April to October a lot of regulars come to enjoy the terrace seats where they can take in the blue sky, some even bring their pets. Fukuda, a staff member, says, “The Hiroshima beef, we only use A4 rank ones that are extremely sweet and soft. If you can’t decide which wine you should get, feel free to ask. We’d love to choose one for you.” At the restaurant customers can enjoy many different cuts of beef including fillet, a possible cut from only 3% of a cow, and the local speciality, “Koune (cow’s shoulder).” For people who want to compare several kinds of wine, “TOMOE wine white and red set” and “G7 the Foreign Ministry meeting set” that were served at a meeting of the Foreign Ministry. For people who want to have enough to enjoy as a group, ordering a bottle is recommended. The facility also includes “Cafe Vine” for snacks and sweets made using grapes, and a storehouse with a lot of barrels that you can visit freely. If you visit you can enjoy the taste that you can taste only here, and feel the passion of people who make Miyoshi wine.


店舗名 Hiroshima Miyoshi winery
所在地 10445-3 Higashisakeyamachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0023
営業時間 9:30 am - 6 pm (Barbecue Garden: 11 am - 6 pm. L.O. is 5:30 pm. Cafe Vine: 8 am - 5 pm. L.O. is 4:30 pm.)
お休み December 29 ~ January 1 and the second Wednesdays in January through March
電話番号 0824-64-0200 (Cafe Vine: 0824-64-7727, Barbecue Garden: 0824-64-0202)