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An Interesting Display That Changes Subject Regularly; A Quaint Shop Where You Can Pick An Assortment of Souvenirs

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An Interesting Display That Changes Subject Regularly; A Quaint Shop Where You Can Pick An Assortment of Souvenirs


Miyoshi Food Center the Miyoshi Store

Address: 1535-1 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 0824-62-3205 Business Hours: 9:30 am - 7:00 pm (Until 6 pm on Sundays) Closed: New Year's holiday

Miyoshi Food Center Miyoshi Store is located at the center of Miyoshi street. It is a local supermarket that has been providing ingredients for home cooked meals for a long time. Stepping into this Miyoshi Food center for the first time can be quite a surprise! Miyoshi souvenirs, Hiroshima souvenirs, organic wines, even rare foreign seasonings and ingredients are all lined up for sale in one corner that is almost like a department store. It’s a supermarket with a lot of different products that makes you feel like you need to visit more than a few times to get a hold of what it has.

The Discover344 Corner is a corner devoted to selling Miyoshi-related goods. It was first started after a successful Miyoshi Fair was held at a Hiroshima-brand import store called TAU in Ginza, Tokyo.

The only place in Miyoshi where you can find so many different Miyoshi related products all lined up next to each other! At Miyoshi Food Center Miyoshi Store you can pick out a number of Miyoshi products and make your own assorted gift box, the box costs 100 yen. Of course, they can even ship it for you. It’s also a nice place to consult with staff about the area and get their suggestions for how to eat.

We asked the section chief, Fujikoshi, for his recommended product and he told us, “Carp Worcester Sauce, made by Mori Brewery.” Even though Carp sauce is well known as a topping for okonomiyaki, it’s also delicious in curry, a truly delicious sauce! That is a hidden specialty of the product that only locals know.

The Miyoshi Food Center is positively involved in creating a place people could gather. Also in the store are goods related to the Hiroshima Professional Baseball team, the Carps, as well as 344 brand products made in collaboration with the Hiroshima football/soccer team, Hiroshima Sanfrecce. It also has Mononoke character goods made by local high school students. The store is also involved in planning events such as “Miyoshi Marche” which is held every other month.
As we were told, “I want to make a space where both the tasty and the fun can cross over with a smile.” In addition to their wide range of products they also put a heavy focus on the analog face-to-face interaction with customers.
Under the slogan, "Benefit the customers, the local community and myself," it's a flexible store that always thinks about what they can do for the town without sacrificing themselves.

More tasty
More fun
More healthy

A central theme of Miyoshi Food Center is “More foodies welcome,” to the right you can see the mascot, Foodie-chan. The word ‘foodie’ refers to a person with an expanded interest in the gourmet, meaning they gather to eat quality food for fun.

Immediately after entering you may notice a space that is dedicated to a specific theme. It’s a space with an interesting layout created through collaboration among the female staff.
During a curry theme the space was arranged in such a way that the curry boxes mimicked books on a bookshelf with cooking pots, yogurt that goes well with curry and rice placed around the display. Keep an eye on this sales display as it regularly changes.


店舗名 Miyoshi Food Center the Miyoshi Store
所在地 1535-1 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
営業時間 9:30 am - 7:00 pm (Until 6 pm on Sundays)
お休み New Year's holiday
電話番号 0824-62-3205