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Popular coffeehouse in Mirasaka shopping district where past and present are in harmony

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Popular coffeehouse in Mirasaka shopping district where past and present are in harmony

Popular coffeehouse in Mirasaka shopping district where past and present are in harmony



Mirasaka Coffee

Address: 804 Mirasaka, Mirasaka town, Miyoshi city
Call: 050-5535-0885


In Mirasaka shopping district there used to be even movie theaters. To regain the liveliness that used to be there, “Mirasaka Coffee” opened in November, 2016. The owner, Mr. Sasaki Takayuki, serves fragrant coffee and delicious sweets made from local ingredients. Being a comfortable, cool place, many people from in and around the city visit regularly.

” I wanted to work in my hometown and bring the past liveliness back.”
The cafe opened with this desire.

Mirasaka cafe stands nearby the Mirasaka Station. Its logo is the silhouette of Mirasaka town and the location of Mirasaka Coffee. This coffeehouse is in an area called Mirasaka shopping district, a place once bustling with activity. Born and raised in Mirasaka town, the owner Mr. Sasaki Takayuki went to Hiroshima Institute of Technology to study architecture which he was interested in. He eventually majored environmental architecture, and to put his learning to practical use he joined a natural energy development company. The head office was in Miyoshi but he would be transferred first to Aomori prefecture to the north and then to Yamaguchi prefecture to the south which is when he started thinking about wanting to stay and work in his hometown. Mirasaka shopping district used be a busy street and even had multiple movie theaters there. Seeing his father talking about those days with nostalgia made him want to see such a Mirasaka town re-realized. “I want to do a job that digs into the roots of my hometown. I want to get the liveliness of this town back and create a place where everybody can relax.”

That idea grew stronger and he made up his mind to open a cafe, which he always liked, by himself in Mirasaka shopping district. He attended a coffee lesson in Tokyo that was being held by a coffee utensil makerwhere he learned about roasting and abstraction. He went to well-known quality coffeehouses and developed a taste for good coffee. He spares expense for equipment. His espresso machine is made in Italy, his grinder is made in Germany. He installs the latest equipment from all over the world. “Especially this espresso machine, a high-end model of LA CIMBALI is one of the latest ones, it’s the only one here in the Chugoku Region.” The building used to be a regional bank. The combination of nostalgic building and the latest equipment gives you a unique impression.

Marriage of pour over coffee and homemade sweets

The speciality of the cafe is two kinds of coffee. One is the “Mirasaka Blend” (430 yen) that blends the beans from Brazil, Guatemala and Nicaragua. The refreshing taste goes well with the various sweets of the cafe. Another is the “Speciality Coffee” (530 yen) that uses a type of beans that is cultivated in Monte Alegre Farm, which boasts a rich flavor. EARTH BERRY COFFEE in Higashihiroshima city roasts the beans. The roast level is “full-city roast” which has a roasted aroma and a light bitterness. A popular item among women is the latte, especially the “Honey Latte (Hachimitsu Latte)” (580 yen) that uses honey from Masuda Honey Shop in Kisa town, Miyoshi city. The mild sweetness fills the mouth which is a perfect menu option when you want to relax.

Mirasaka Coffee also serves toast, cake, parfait and soft ice cream that you can enjoy in various combinations of coffee and sweets. Another popular menu item is the Morning Set (580 yen) that includes butter toast, a boiled egg and a drink of your choice. It’s available until 10 am. At this cafe you can buy local jam and honey, and also purchase fresh ground coffee to take home. “I use cheese from MIRASAKA FROMAGE for the cheese cake, and the bread is from mugimugi, a bread shop in Mirasaka town so that I can contribute to revitalizing my hometown. But when I opened this coffeehouse people who are from a faraway visited here more than I expected, so I’d like to make this cafe not only for my hometown but also for customers who come from a faraway.” As he says, this coffeehouse wins the hearts of both of them.

“Mirasaka Rich Cheesecake” (Left, 600 yen) and “Mirasaka tiramisu” (Right, 550 yen) which has smooth mascarpone cream. Both go very well with coffee.

Fluffy chiffon cake (480 yen) comes with sweet-and-sour raspberry jam and fresh cream.

The honey is from Masuda Honey Shop. Which you can buy from the cafe as well. From left to right, “Nuts Pickled in Honey (1,390 yen), Fukurashi (a flower called longstalk holly) Honey (660 yen), and “Yamanami Honey” (982 yen).

The secret to popularity is a good space made by good people
and a cup of coffee that has a serving of thoughtfulness.

On weekday mornings regulars in the neighborhood often visit to get ready for the day, and on weekday afternoons many people from town come to relax after work. On weekends lots of customers come from in and around the city for some sightseeing, so Mirasaka Coffee is about full from early in the day. Not only the delicious coffee, but also the the space are reasons for its popularity. Since the building was first used as a bank and then a fresh fish store, it has unique atmosphere. Mirasaka designed the coffeehouse himself so as not to ruin the mood. His plaster worker friend and carpenter friend made the trowel drag pattern together using mortar. They also did the panel work with wooden board in several colors on the wall which gives a handcrafted feel to the coffeehouse. The lamps and glasses are another key feature as they were all made by Suekuni Seikichi, a local glass maker.

The beautiful flowing line of the glasses. Iced coffee glasses and iced latte glasses are used separately. The water jugs are designed to prevent water dropping.

Icicles, buds, seeds. The imitating lamps provide a soft light in the cafe which relaxes you with the feeling of being encircled in a forest. The water jugs and glasses also have an elegant flair, functional but also fitting into the cafe’s aesthetic. If you look around the cafe you can find stylish metal pieces as well as the logo of the cafe crafted in brass by a local brass craftsman who lives in Kisa town. “I couldn’t make this cafe all by myself. Many craftsmen and creators gave ideas and it took this shape. This space is filled with everybody’s dream.” He said his vision for the future is not clear yet but he will do his best to make his coffeehouse well-known and make sure he is certain of every step. With such a sincere attitude, his cup of coffee brightens up everybody’ day.


店舗名 Mirasaka Coffee
所在地 804 Mirasaka, Mirasaka town, Miyoshi city
ホームページ https://www.mirasakacoffee.com
営業時間 7 am-6 pm (L.O. 5:30 pm)
お休み Tuesdays
電話番号 050-5535-0885