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Hometown Love, Place Children Like: “Matsumoto Toy Store”

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Hometown Love, Place Children Like: “Matsumoto Toy Store”


Matsumoto Ganguten (Toy Store)

Address: 1569-3 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021

A toy shop with candy, retro toys, ningyou (Japanese dolls) and decorations. You can also learn about and purchase the special “Miyoshi Ningyou”.It’s a place you can go to feel nostalgic even on a first visit. The husband is a major Hiroshima Carps baseball fan who will talk to you about them until his cheeks are red and his wife is a person with a wonderful smile that enjoys interacting with children.

The candy corner is an area the children adore.

Children tend to blow in naturally on weekday evenings. Their targets; the snack lottery where if they win they can get prizes and mini cup ramen that can be eaten on the spot. “Talking to the kids make you feel a little younger, you know?” Matsumoto said.
There are a lot of scenes that unfold at this shop that are starting to become rare even in the Japanese countryside, adults get joy out of it too as they can feel like they slipped back in time.

The important thing is to choose things that will be cherished

In May during the Japanese holidays Children’s Day and Doll’s Day, they give blessings to the children to protect them from illnesses and misfortune, and put up ceremonial doll displays. This is also when they begin selling elaborate decorations that line the store walls. Every year the couple goes to Tokyo and Kyoto to pick out the items that have pretty and glamorous patterns, with a craftsman’s lifetime guarantee. Another service they provide is helping customers choose the tools and dolls for setting up their own displays, as Matsumoto puts it, “I want people to cherish the things they buy.

I will now propagate the “Miyoshi Ningyou”

In the store a specific showcase of more than 200 “Miyoshi Ningyou” is displayed in a gorgeous fashion. The “Miyoshi Ningyou” is a tradition sort of like the Samurai helmet of Children’s Day, and the royal court doll set of Girl’s Day. The tradition began in the Edo Period where a couple would receive a clay doll upon the birth of their child which was meant to bless the child with good health, strong growth and good fortune. At the Matsumoto Toy Shop you can see and buy original “Miyoshi Ningyou”, made by pottery company Miyanokai, they come in different styles and shapes. The owner will happily talk to you about Miyoshi, the history of Miyoshi Ningyou and the history of the Carp. If walking around town and happen to pass by it can be a very fun time to stop by.

Retro Toys
Adults have a shine in their eyes
A toy store that will never change
An important place in town


店舗名 Matsumoto Ganguten
所在地 1569-3 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
営業時間 10 am - 6 pm
電話番号 0824-62-3873