A place that leaves a nostalgic impression, a showa-era retro cafe.|Walk @round Miyoshi | Miyoshi Association of Tourism and Town Development(Miyoshi, Hiroshima)

A place that leaves a nostalgic impression, a showa-era retro cafe.

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A place that leaves a nostalgic impression, a showa-era retro cafe.


Coffeehouse Maki

Address: 1643-4 Miyoshicho, Miyoshi, Hiroshima  Call: 0824-63-8424  Hours: 9 am - 6 pm Closed: Sundays and holidays

Located across the street from Miyoshi Mononoke Museum. For over 45 years it has been a popular spot for people visiting Miyoshicho.
The moment you enter you’ll be greeted with the fragrant scent of coffee. The shop’s interior is still decorated as if it were the Showa-era with low tables, leather chairs, and trinkets placed upon the partitioning walls. It is a retro aesthetic that is quite popular among young women.
Even if you plan on staying for just a little while it’s easy to end up staying longer than planned, a cafe where time slips back and away.

After ordering you can listen to the popping sounds of the siphon coffee maker while lounging around and enjoying the retro aesthetic, before you know it, the coffee is ready.

Coffeehouse Maki’s original blend is a dark roast with a deep taste. The cafe has been using siphon-style coffee brewing since Sue’s mother opened the store, a tradition Sue has been preserving along with the taste.

Using this method can also completely change the taste of the coffee depending on the strength and condition of the fire. Though the coffee is sensitive, they often adjust it according to the taste of regulars.

Original Blend Coffee: 400 yen
“American Coffee” (Slightly weak drip coffee): 400 yen
“Wiener Coffee” (Vienna-style, Whipped cream on top): 650 yen
Cafe au lait (Drip coffee and hot milk): 400 yen
Tea (Lemon or Milk): 400 yen
Maple Milk: 400 yen
Cocoa: 450 yen
Hot Calpis: 400 yen
More not listed…

Iced Coffee: 450 yen
Iced Tea (Lemon or Milk): 500 yen
Iced Maple Mlik: 400 yen
Milkshake: 650 yen
Coffee Float: 650 yen
Soda Float: 500 yen
Banana juice: 600 yen
More not listed…

Morning Set: 700 yen
Mini-lunch: 700 yen
Coffee Lunch Set: 900 yen
Assorted Sandwiches: 600 yen
Maple Toast: 300 yen
Banana Toast: 300 yen
More not listed…

Morning Set, Assorted Sandwiches, and different kinds of toast, it makes you think: Yeah, this is definitely a coffeehouse.

Sue’s Maple Toast is especially child-friendly as it is cut into slices, she started doing this because her child really enjoyed it and after adding it to the menu it became popular. It’s the sort of menu that radiates with a mother’s kindness, putting a smile on people's faces.

Clean and well taken care of, a mostly unchanging store and menu where you’re surrounded by Sue’s valued things while enjoying your coffee. It is a place where time flows slowly, a place you can take your time, a place you can have a good time.


店舗名 Coffeehouse Maki
所在地 1643-4 Miyoshicho, Miyoshi, Hiroshima
営業時間 9 am - 6 pm
お休み Sundays and holidays
電話番号 0824-63-8424