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You May Find That Nostalgic Song! CD & Record Store That Makes You Want to Play Music Treasure Hunt

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You May Find That Nostalgic Song! CD & Record Store That Makes You Want to Play Music Treasure Hunt



Address: 1256-1 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 0824-63-5005 Business Hours: 11 am - 6:30 pm Closed: Irregular Holidays

Among the many beautiful buildings on Miyoshi Street is MAINSTREAM. Sporting orange curtains and shop sign, it's a shop that holds tens of thousands of both new and used CDs and records. They even carry musical instruments for sale, truly an irresistible space for music lovers.

About 70% of the music in the store is western, specifically a lot of rock. The owner, Karino, played in a hard rock cover band when he was younger which led to eventually opening this shop.

He had this to say, “It’s really fun for me when people with the same interests and hobbies come into the shop and talk about it.” Karino’s number one interest is definitely hard rock, so if you are in that corner of the store you’re almost guaranteed to see a famous song you already know.

The record collection feels pretty complete!

Recently digital download and streaming have become the main source of purchasing music and CDs are not selling well. Even so, it seems there are a number of people who really like music that want to possess the music as a CD or record. And now the popularity of records is rising once again as younger generations are interested in both DJ-related info and the music of yesteryear, looking for nostalgic music. You can also enjoy the used products at this store so please have fun looking around and listen to all the music you love anew.

About a generation ago the boys of Miyoshicho in Junior High would often say, “Wanna’ go to MAINSTREAM?” It’s a place that has a pretty cool image. They also sell guitars, basses, straps, strings and indie songs. They would really like more young people to visit and have the opportunity to get interested in music. The store also receives and shares information on music events around Miyoshi City. If you enjoy music and you’re in Miyoshicho, go to MAIN STREAM.


所在地 1256-1 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
電話番号 0824-63-5005