Delicious no matter which bite! An okonomiyaki restaurant popular for ages.|Walk @round Miyoshi | Miyoshi Association of Tourism and Town Development(Miyoshi, Hiroshima)

Delicious no matter which bite! An okonomiyaki restaurant popular for ages.

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Delicious no matter which bite! An okonomiyaki restaurant popular for ages.


Okonomiyaki Kyu-chan

Address: 1686-1 Miyoshicho, Miyoshi, Hiroshima Call: 0824-63-7958 Hours: 10 am - 5 pm Closed: Wednesdays and every third Sunday

A popular Okonomiyaki shop serving Miyoshi for over 40 years, making okonomiyaki the same way without change.

One of the most popular points about Okonomiyaki Kyu-chan is Inoshita’s personality, able to hold entertaining conversations and make you feel as if you’ve known her for ages. And some customers really have, as they have been eating at the shop for 3 generations with their families.

Recommended Menu
Okonomi-Soba Special: 650 yen (Tax included)
Beef Okonomi-Soba: 550 yen (Tax included)
Takeout fee: 50 yen

They use ingredients from local sources too, getting their eggs from Hiraoka in Miyoshi, and using Carp Sauce-brand Okonomiyaki sauce which is also made in Miyoshi.

Kyu-chan’s Okonomiyaki is made in such a way that they start by making yakisoba (noodles and vegetables grilled in a mild sauce), which is then added to their Okonomiyaki. Typically Okonomiyaki is made with noodles, vegetables and sauce as single ingredients which results in bites where vegetables or noodles might not have sauce. Because of the way Kyu-chan Okonomiyaki is made, it’s delicious no matter where you decide to take a bite. You can enjoy it.

The interesting thing about Okonimyaki is even if you try to make Okonomiyaki with the same ingredients, 1 shop’s Okonomiyaki will still taste different to the next.

The shop’s recommendation for toppings is to add garlic powder. Doing that changes the taste drastically, almost as if you were eating a different sort of grilled food.

Inoshita told us, “Okonomiyaki is best eaten directly from the grill and eaten with the metal spatula.” Eating from the grill produces a slight char that is fantastic. If you’re not sure how to eat with a spatula you should feel free to ask and they will give you tips.

In 1976 there was a song called “Taiyaki-kun” that was popular, which led to Inoshita deciding to open a Taiyaki shop. After that she started making takoyaki, after that teppanyaki, and finally becoming the Okonomiyaki restaurant it is today.

Inoshita is also a huge Carps fan, Hiroshima’s Baseball team, and attends the game that is held in Miyoshi every year. The shop is adorned with many different Carps goods so looking around at the collection is quite fun.


店舗名 Okonomiyaki Kyu-chan
所在地 1686-1 Miyoshicho, Miyoshi, Hiroshima
営業時間 10 am - 5 pm
電話番号 0824-63-7958