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An Inn Where Mom Energizes Everyone With a Lively Smile

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An Inn Where Mom Energizes Everyone With a Lively Smile


Restaurant "Seto" and guesthouse "Kakumeikan"

Address: 1857-5 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 0824-62-2187 Business Hours: Restaurant: 12 am - 5 pm (Reservation required) / Guesthouse: 2 pm Check in, 12 pm Check out Closed: New Year's holidays

Ouchidori Street in Miyoshicho, large traditional Japanese eaves hang over the side of a traditional building that projects an aura of personality and history. It's a restaurant, "Seto" and a guesthouse, "Kakumeikan." It is a place that has been providing a place for both lodging and eating in Miyoshicho for over 65 years.

Seto, the owner, loves jokes and always has a smile when she talks. She claims her energy comes from, “Up and down Mt. Takatani when we were younger is how I trained a strong body and spirit!” That is the power of a person everyone calls “Mom,” a person who is committed to improving Miyoshicho and projects a powerful personality that energizes everyone.

The restaurant portion, “Seto,” is open for lunch by reservation only. There is a wide range of dishes including noodles, bowl dishes, fried foods, grilled dishes, hotpot dishes, a la carte dishes which are all arranged in set meals. This service was born from Seto’s desire and thought like, “I want to give people whatever they want to eat.”

One of Miyoshi’s specialties is ayu, also called sweetfish, and being particular about nature it’s typically eaten whole as is, including the head. Catfish is usually caught along with ayu so it is also made often, a common way to eat it is to fry it and eat it with sauce. Either way they are both unique to Miyoshi which you can enjoy at this interesting shop.

A lot of the dishes feature a “just like mom used to make” feel and use tons of fresh vegetables, even the pickles are handmade.

Set meal: 700 yen~
Daily Set Meal: 860 yen
Fried Set Meal: 1050 yen
And more…
Bowl Dish: 500 yen~
Udon/Soba: 450 yen~
Drink: 200 yen~
Juice: 200 yen
Medium Beer: 500 yen
A La Carte: 500 yen~
And more…

At the guesthouse, “Kakumeikan,” you can enjoy the nature of a past era with a retro Japanese interior design. They have rooms called "bamboo" "sakura" "cedar" and "pine" and each room's eaves and frames use the same tree material as their namesake. The decoration of the entrance of the rooms is another highlight.

Starting in June and up until it gets cold you can enjoy the rooftop bathtub using cypress wood to create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

Annex Building: 4 Rooms (Shared toilet/bath)
Main Building: 3 Rooms (Private bathroom)
Banquet Room: 30 sqm
Room Rate (Per Person)
Without Meals: 4,600 yen (Tax included)
One night w/ Lunch: 5,200 yen (Tax included)
One night w/ 2 meals: 6,600 yen (Tax included)
Check in: 2:00 PM
Check out: 12:00 PM
Rental Yukata available

The inn is located in a convenient spot with easy access to events such as fireworks festivals, kinsai festivals and contact festivals which are all held in Miyoshicho. It's also quite close to the Miyoshi Mononoke Museum and Miyoshi Street shopping district. Please take in the cultured and storied history of Miyoshicho while enjoying Kakumeikan’s elegant and stylish design.


スポット名 Restaurant "Seto" and guesthouse "Kakumeikan"
所在地 1857-5 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
営業時間 12 am - 5 pm (Reservation required) / Guesthouse: 2 pm Check in, 12 pm Check out
お休み New Year's holidays
電話番号 0824-62-2187
FAX 0824-62-2879