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Food Shop: Hipparidako

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Food Shop: Hipparidako


Food shop Hipparidako

Address: 1199 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 090-1353-4091 Business Hours: 11 am - 5 pm Closed: Monday - Saturday

On Sundays a nice fragrance drifts along Miyoshi street. Walking down the street you can follow the smell all the way to a nice little shop with tables and chairs set out front, Hipparidako.
Opened at the same time as Miyoshi Mononoke Museum in April 2019, Hipparidako provides food to shoppers on the busy Miyoshi main street, food they didn’t have to sit down at a restaurant to eat.
Monday through Saturday he manages an elderly taxi service called “Kagoya,” on Sundays the food shop loved by the locals, Hipparidako.

Soft inside;
Crispy outside

Created by tracking down the best dough, best sauce, best toppings and ideal cooking method. He had both the elderly and children sample the food many times to ensure the best possible product to everyone. The end result is Hipparidako Takoyaki, a popular product that features a large 47mm diameter, a whole octopus accompanied by other ingredients and a soft center in a crispy coating.

The most important part when making takoyaki is, “Don’t be impatient and don’t overlook the signs!” apparently.
Holding a pleasant conversation while the takoyaki gradually balloons on the iron plate, paying attention to the steam that rises and certainly not overhandling, that is the ideal way the large round balls are formed.

The initial thought was an obsession with “love,” this is the commitment he wanted to make. That is why in 2012 he quit his job as an office worker and started the nursery care taxi service, “Kadoya,” following that in 2019 is when he opened Hipparidako. Truly a master who is quick on his feet even while balancing two things at once.
In both jobs he wants to do what he can to make the area as exciting as possible while still thinking about the needs of the local people. It all stems from the initial thought.
It seems that his “love” is a love for his commitment to the local people.

6 Piece Takoyaki: 350 yen
8 Piece Takoyaki: 450 yen
Draft Beer: 400 yen
Draft Beer Set (3 Pieces Takoyaki): 500 yen
[New item] The “Youkai-Raging-Inside-Seafood Takoyaki” (4 Pieces): 500 yen
Soft drink: 150 yen

The Draft Beer Set is a must when out and about walking around town, guaranteed to liven up your stroll around town.

A different way to eat your takoyaki, try putting it in some miso soup!

Currently the best special is hands down the “Youkai-Raging-Inside-Seafood Takoyaki” 4 piece for 500 yen. This special item is made with a single octopus inside that is still mostly intact with the tips of its tentacles protruding slightly from the surface of the takoyaki. It has a pretty striking impact.

It's a great rest spot for when you’re walking around town or even just stopping for takeout, either way please take a look!


店舗名 Food shop Hipparidako
所在地 1199 Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
営業時間 11 am - 5 pm
お休み Monday - Saturday
電話番号 090-1353-4091