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A Recreational Facility by Lake Haizuka Surrounded by Nature

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A Recreational Facility by Lake Haizuka Surrounded by Nature



Haizuka Kohan No Mori

Address: 563 Mirasakacho Nika, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 729-4302
Call: 0824-44-3711


Lake Haizuka is an artificial lake formed as a result of constructing Haizuka Dam. On the bank of the lake there is a facility called “Haizuka Kohan No Mori” (which means Forest on Lake Haizuka) where you can enjoy outdoor activities in nature. You can even camp or stay in a cottage. Hida works there as the manager by herself, taking care of the entire administration. She wants to see the future of the facility go forward with everyone.

Haizuka Dam was built on the Joge River which falls under a class-A river; the Gonokawa River system. The dam controls flooding of the Joge River, Basen River and Gonokawa River, and supplies water to Miyoshi. The artificial lake made by constructing Haizuka Dam is named Lake Haizuka, and on the bank of the lake there is a facility called “Haizuka Kohan No Mori” where you can enjoy various outdoor activities.
Hida has been managing and taking reservations for the facility for a year and a half. Before starting this job, she worked at a nursing home for a long period of time. “My acquaintance introduced this job to me and I started working here. I had gotten out of shape after quitting my previous job so I was hoping it would be easy work such as cleaning, so I could rehabilitate.” But since it was right after the former manager quit, the facility was short handed. Soon she became entrusted with other works too. “The restaurant was no longer being used because nobody was in charge of cooking. But a lot of customers wanted us to serve dishes too, so I decided to manage it myself.” Since her child was allergic to certain foods she was already familiar with natural foods. She started using local vegetables and barley called “Kirari Mochi” that contains plenty of dietary fiber to start making a healthy Japanese style box lunch available by order. She also started providing homemade sweets to meet customers’ needs. “Since I’m doing this alone it’s difficult to make a lot, but if you ask me beforehand I can prepare dishes for a group too, such as children’s or students’ group. The most amount I’ve made is for was 60 people.”, she smiled.

The facility is popular for students because of the recreational equipment available. You can also camp there or stay in a cottage for a reasonable price. It has a tennis court, a brick oven, a telescope, and even a ceramics workshop. “For stargazing and ceramics activities we need to call an instructor and adjust a schedule so I need to be notified beforehand to arrange it. Making pizza is another popular activity because it also serves as a meal for a stay.” A camping boom has brought a lot of families to the facility recently. “Kids can do what they want to do as much as they want. We have a jet bath so you don’t need to worry about taking a bath. The cottages are facing Lake Haizuka where you can see the rich green in spring and summer, and in fall and winter trees lose their leaves so you can see the surface of the lake clearly. Many people visit here in winter just to see the special landscape unique to the season.”
Some people even visit just for a few hours. “It’s a luxurious way to spend time strolling with a partner or enjoying a reading session in solitude. I feel like the view and atmosphere around the lake take you away from the din and bustle of your daily life.” It’s refreshing to take a walk around the facility, take in the seasonal view of nature and have your fill of fresh air. “A ten minute drive takes you to an observatory where you can take a pretty picture of the fountain in the middle of the lake.
Another highlight is the blooming of beautiful purple flowers in spring. We also hold an event at that time. We hold many different events depending on the season like riding in a mini steam-powered train, workshops and lighting up the dam which you can check on our homepage.”

Cottage (S) is for 6 people, 14,300 yen.
(M) is for 9 people, 18,700yen.
(L) is for 12 people, 23,100 yen.
Shower and air conditioner are installed.

Many people visit the facility to enjoy various activities, but locals come there casually, too. “Some people come to have a cup of coffee and talk. Many people live alone around here so I assume coming here and seeing friends is relieving.”
Her dream is to make the facility well known and open a cafe for ‘demented people’. “Actually I don’t like the word ‘demented people’. Labeling something or making a biased judgment is uncomfortable, isn’t it? I used to work at a nursing home and I learned that certain people don’t like coloring or singing at a fixed time. So I want to make the cafe more liberal. It doesn’t have to be a nursery song, you should be able to sing karaoke if you want to, too.”

“I’d like to make a decision together with everyone based on what everyone wants.” She started out working as a helper at a nursing home and then progressed onward by obtaining a caregiver qualification and then became a care manager. “I have a specific experience and knowledge, so I’d like to put it to practical use. Eventually I’d like to make a cafe for everyone including elderly people, mothers and their kids, families that include a person with a disability.” Hida said so with a sense of affection and strength. She and her facility’s future look bright.


店舗名 Haizuka Kohan No Mori
所在地 563 Mirasakacho Nika, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 729-4302
営業時間 10 am-5 pm
お休み Wednesdays
電話番号 0824-44-3711