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Old Noodle Shop That Is Loved by Everybody Developed “Karamen”

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Old Noodle Shop That Is Loved by Everybody Developed “Karamen”



Egusa Store

Address: 4 Chome-7-7 Tokaichinaka, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0012
Call: 0824-63-0777


Developed in Miyoshi, “Karamen” is the red pepper noodle known by everybody in Miyoshi. Not only it’s sold at supermarkets and stores, but also a lot of okonomiyaki shops in Miyoshi city use it. The creator of Karamen, Egusa Daichi, keeps on thinking of ways to create a new type of noodle saying, “I’d like to make interesting things with people in Miyoshi.”

One of the most popular local foods in Hiroshima is okonomiyaki, but Miyoshi’s okonomiyaki is a little bit different. It has the spiciness of red pepper and is called “Miyoshi Karamenyaki.” As it has a lot of fans and is said, “Once you eat it, you will be addicted to it,” it has won the first prize at an okonomiyaki event gathered all kinds of okonomiyaki in Hiroshima called, “Hiroshima Teppan Grand Prix.” One of the important ingredients that affects the taste is the noodle called “karamen” that is made at an old noodle store, “Egusa Store” which was founded in 1921. The 4th owner, Egusa Daichi being the one who developed karamen. After graduation he went to Tokyo and worked for a machine maker as a salesman, but came back to Miyoshi in 2006 when he was 32. When he went to take over the family business, he thought, “I want to create a brand-new nooodle.” which was the birth of karamen.

The idea of karamen came from a colored noodle he saw in Tokyo. “It would be interesting not only if it’s colored but has a certain taste,” he thought. He likes spicy things so he came up with the idea of kneading red pepper into the noodle. At first he made ramen with the noodle but it seemed like it went well with okonomiyaki, so he brought the noodle to an okonomiyaki shop, “Houraiya” that is in front of his store, and asked about it. Hearing the owner’s opinion he continued making and improving the noodle, and finally made karamen that has enough punch to go well with okonomiyaki sauce. Later on, he made okonomiyaki with a member of the young people’s association of the chamber of commerce using spicy Carp sauce, which is not for sale, and made by a local sauce maker, “Mouri Brewer.” In 2013, Miyoshi Karamenyaki was started to be sold. “I’m happy that my store’s noodles gave us a chance to think and create a new product together. I’d like to share Miyoshi’s karamen and okonomiyaki as Hiroshima’s dish with the entire country.”

Seafood flavor!
The new Miyoshi dish with fragrant udon

Egusa Store is in Tokaichicho, the center of the city area of Miyoshi. Having various local liquors on display in the store including Miwazakura, Zuikan and Miyoshi wine, Egusa Store looks almost like a bar. In the back of the store is where he built the noodle-making factory where he makes many high quality noodles including karamen, chinese noodles, fresh pasta and Japanese soba noodles. He is also trying to create a new noodle. “There is a company called ‘Sankou Sangyou’ that processes seafood and the president, Sera, is from Miyoshi city so he and I became friends, and now we are working on making a thin udon with kneaded stock made by Sankou Sangyou.” When he opened the package of the udon for us, the smell of skipjack spread. “The noodle itself has good taste, so simply putting soy sauce and egg and eating that way should be great.” He told us with eyes sparkling. Following karamen, the new local dish should be created soon.


店舗名 Egsa Store
所在地 4 Chome-7-7 Tokaichinaka, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0012
営業時間 11 am - 6:30 pm
お休み Wednesdays
電話番号 0824-63-0777