Born from community renovation, a wonderful courtyard and books, Cafe Classmate.|Walk @round Miyoshi | Miyoshi Association of Tourism and Town Development(Miyoshi, Hiroshima)

Born from community renovation, a wonderful courtyard and books, Cafe Classmate.

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Born from community renovation, a wonderful courtyard and books, Cafe Classmate.


Cafe Classmate

Address 1170 Miyoshicho, Miyoshi, Hiroshima  TEL 090-7774-4708  Hours 11 am - 4 pm Closed Monday - Wednesday

Cafe Classmates was born from a renovated shoe store. While walking down the cobblestone streets of Miyoshicho, you can stumble upon this place and think, “This is a nice place to rest.” The shop was renovated as part of a community effort, many other places in the area were also renovated in a DIY-style. It's a relaxing place, a cafe that has become quite popular.

From the moment you see it,
”Colorful”, It looks delicious

Fluffy omelettes and hot sandwiches with a good aroma, the lunch menu will make you go “Woah.” The side salad is also pretty, a great lunch item. Every day they prepare a menu of two sweets prepared under the attentive care of Fujita. The selection changes everyday so it's a surprise every time!

“I studied for the sake of creating delicious food.”

When they decided to open the cafe they went to study at a tea shop in Hiroshima called ‘tea shop’, and had a consultation with cafe Clema in Higashi-Hiroshima, and even now continue studying to improve their craft.
At the cafe the coffee is meticulously measured and timed using “Kotobukiya A Premium Coffee”, winner of the gold prize at the 2014 World Drip Games, so that you can enjoy the best possible drink.

The store was created with tons of people

Two architecture design companies participated in the renovation of Miyoshi area as coordinators, Open A’s Baba Masataka and SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE’s Tanjiri Makoto. From there Fujita happened to end up in the same group as Harada, an old classmate. “I’m really looking forward to this cafe! Can we do it together” The community renovation group met many times to clear the building, build walls and construct bookshelves. By the time the cafe opened it was already a place filled with memories.

The staff’s pleasant attitude is the most comfortable part.

The atmosphere the staff creates is always energetic and fun and gets a lot of attention. From the first visit you’ll feel like you’ve been there many times before because of the friendly staff. The warm staff do their best to relax, please, and assist their customers the best they can and are always trying to provide the best meal they can. This is one of the cafe’s strongest points.


店舗名 Cafe Classmates
所在地 1170 Miyoshicho, Miyoshi, Hiroshima
営業時間 11 am - 4 pm
お休み Monday - Wednesday
電話番号 090-7774-4708