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An attractive accommodation in Miyoshi where you can spend your time in your own way

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An attractive accommodation in Miyoshi where you can spend your time in your own way


Guest house Aoneko

Adress: 1143-3, Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021 Call: 0824-63-1713 Mail: *Reservation only

Near the Miyoshi Mononoke Museum, there is an area called Himikokura where the land that was once the site of a brewery is now a restaurant, a rental space, and a guest house called "Aoneko". (Translates to “The Blue Cat”) It's popular because of its great access to the Miyoshi St. shopping district and various events held in Miyoshicho.

Spotless rooms, clean laundry, no weeds in sight, and a handwritten message card placed in your room. These are just some examples of the earnest hospitality shown by the owner, Utsubo. Because of that hospitality you can enjoy a warm, relaxing time at this guest house.

Aoneko has four rooms that are named for words of time. Each room has gentle indirect lighting, and TV is only present in the living room on the first floor so that you can spend time in your room in quiet.

Time passes slowly with the sun. The sound of a book’s turning pages echoes in your heart. You lift up a gorgeous kimono on the wall in your room, you find yourself in the mirror on a special trip.

Although Utsubo's husband is a manga authour, they are trying their best not to decorate the guest house with other artists' goods. The room is very simple because they want guests to stay there without feeling like they are being affected by others, forced to feel or think one way or another.

Many guests sympathize with this philosophy and think, “This is nice.” visiting many times because of the simple atmosphere.

1st Floor
“Lake”: 2-4 People (Japanese-style)
2nd Floor
“Easterning Moon, Westerning Sun”: 1 Person (Western-style)
“Decade”: 1-2 People (Japanese-style)
“Century”: 1-2 People (Japanese-style)
“Millennium”: 2-4 People (Japanese-style)
Room Rates (per person)
Without Meals: 5,500 yen (Including Tax)
1 Night + Breakfast: 6,820 (Including Tax)
1 Night + Dinner + Breakfast: 10,000 yen (Including Tax)
Check-in: 14:00 (2 PM)
Check-out: 12:00 (12 PM)
Facilities: Shared toilet/bath
Amenities: Towel, sleepwear, toothbrush, hair dryer

Utsubo told us, “Working is fun!” She enjoys all the unnoticed tasks that are required to provide accommodation such as cleaning, washing, and pulling weeds. You feel Utsubo’s earnest hospitality everywhere, the restroom floor was so clean you even feel like you don’t need to wear slippers. (Very common in Japanese restrooms, even in homes and especially in hotels.)

Meals can be eaten at “Mansabou”, located on the same premises. When you book they will ask about your likes and dislikes to make special dishes for every booking. You can enjoy not only delicious local vegetables, but also the same delicious water that was used in the brewery that used to sit where the restaurant now is.

There is also an event space, “Akaneko” (The Red Cat), that is available to rent for live events where a lot of interesting people tend to gather.
Many people are attracted to Utsobo’s charm, it is one of the many points that make Miyoshicho truly shine.


店舗名 Guest house Aoneko
所在地 1143-3, Miyoshimachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 728-0021
電話番号 0824-63-1713 *Reservation necessary