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Bringing out the Sweetness of Carter Peanuts, the Top Peanuts Craftsman in Konucho

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Bringing out the Sweetness of Carter Peanuts, the Top Peanuts Craftsman in Konucho



Society of Carter Peanuts

Address: 40 Konucho Nishino, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 729-4102
Call: 0847-67-3003


Carter Peanuts is a speciality of Konucho. Since Carter Peanuts were given to Konucho, Ito Sakae has been connecting producers and consumers by undertaking the processing alone. Carter Peanuts is so popular that he is often asked, “Do you have more?” and the popularity is supported by his experience and skills.

During the middle of November, roasted Carter Peanuts are displayed at “Y Shop Nakakubo” in Kunocho and Jimmy Carter Civic Center, and just like that they are sold out. A lot of people are captivated by the peanuts, and Ito, a member of Society of Carter Peanuts, undertakes the processing of such Carter Peanuts alone and delivers them to consumers. He has been involved with processing since Kunocho started cultivating Carter Peanuts in 2002 as the proof of friendship with ex-president of America, Jimmy Carter. Now Kunocho produces about 1.2 tons of Carter Peanuts in a year, and Ito receives them from producers, washes, dries, roasts and sorts them for sale. Ito says, “The uniqueness of Carter Peanuts is the sweetness. To bring out the sweetness, especially drying and roasting are the important processes. When the grains contain 15% ~ 16% of moisture, they are dry enough and make a sound like ‘rattle rattle’ but when they contain over 20% of moisture, they won’t be very tasty by roasting.“ At his processing facility, he takes 7 – 8 hours to roast. Making sure they are dry enough before roasting is important.

At Ito’s processing facility he roasts about 10 kg of peanuts at once taking an hour making sure they are roasted enough. “The sweetness of Carter peanuts is so delicate that it depends on the person who roasts. Explaining the knack of roasting is difficult… I use my gut a lot.” After roasting the peanuts will be sorted by hand one by one by the members of the Society of Carter Peanuts, and packed into bags and sent to the shelves of shops. As a processor who connects producers and consumers, Ito is often asked by shops, “All of them are sold out. Do you have more?” He says, “Usually at those times there is no stock already, so I feel really bad. But I’m also happy that the peanuts are so popular.” Lately a product called “Carter Chocolate” made with Carter Peanuts has been produced and the peanuts are becoming more and more famous. Ito hopes it will be enjoyed by a lot of people.



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Sales Channel: Isamu Nakakubo (Y shop Nakakubo)
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店舗名 Society of Carter Peanuts
所在地 Address: 40 Konucho Nishino, Miyoshi, Hiroshima 729-4102
電話番号 0847-67-3003